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“Natalie did a really good job of making me think about how I approach conflict and how I want to approach it. I definitely will use the conflict tools in the future. I love how they gets to the root of the issue by clearing the debris that may be in the way.”

“Conflict as a Catalyst” workshop participant 


"I had a great talk with my manager last Friday. He apologized and explained his intentions. It was a great and open and honest conversation. We now have weekly check-ins established, too.

Thanks for your guidance. It really helped prepare me and calm me for what could have been a tricky conversation."

Performance Coaching client


"We were going through a massive transition and Natalie helped us realize the importance of equipping our employees with the resources they needed at that moment in our journey.

She was both behind-the-scenes, supporting our newly formed People and Culture team, as well as in front of the room facilitating workshops on conflict management across our organization."

Senior Vice President, Talent Development