ONE EIGHTY emerged from the realization, solidified during countless consulting gigs, that most companies suffer from the same dilemma: a discrepancy between what they think they need to solve, versus what they really need to solve.

Almost without exception, simmering tensions and unresolved interpersonal conflicts get in the way of company progress—but employees and executives often don’t have the knowledge, skills, or time to address these potent emotional forces productively.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Formally trained in mediation and schooled in a decade of real-world corporate consulting experience, ONE EIGHTY steps in when it’s hard for others to step back and see the whole picture. We dive deep below the surface to unearth what is really going on, moderate tricky conversations, then steer individuals and teams toward agreement and alignment.

Our work enables companies to work through and beyond difficult issues, while also preparing them to handle future conflict themselves. The result? Enhanced understanding, improved collaboration, and a psychologically safe environment that is primed for achievement.



Here's what you think you need to know...

For the past decade, Natalie has worked as a consultant with executive teams—both nationally and internationally—to develop strategies aimed at fostering growth and innovation, shifting organizational culture, and engaging employees. 

She has driven large-scale change and innovation initiatives inside Fortune 500 companies alongside sales, customer service, R&D, and new product innovation teams, to name a few. 

She has certifications in mediation, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MSBR), and yoga instruction (200RYT). 

She was promoted to CEO before the age of 30. 


As a child, Natalie was the one to raise her hand with “just one more question.” Never satisfied with a standard response, she wanted to know more, learn more, do more. That innate curiosity and insatiable craving for informed action powers her today. 

She has the rare ability to toggle seamlessly between big-picture thinking and in-the-weeds execution. She listens, digests, and synthesizes information on the spot, reflecting back key points while remaining remarkably objective. 

She truly likes people. She loves figuring out what motivates them. And she believes their intellect and spirit have limitless power to drive business outcomes.

She is often described with the same select adjectives. Unflappable, intelligent, diplomatic, and level-headed are among them.



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