You’ve got plans: to grow or diversify or evolve with the market. Or maybe you’ve already grown, and now you’re faced with a host of unforeseen growing pains. No matter where you are or where you’re headed, one thing is certain:

Change will come, and with it interpersonal challenges.

And unless your team is equipped to handle these challenges productively, you’ll find your path impeded by resentment, declining morale, disengagement, lost productivity, and other destructive forces.

ONE EIGHTY helps you harness the power of conflict to move your company in a productive direction, while giving you the tools to manage whatever people issues may arise in the future.



The first step in resolving conflict is understanding it.

Through interactive sessions, we’ll give your team the tools and know-how they need to effectively manage interpersonal issues as they arise.


Using Conflict as a Catalyst for Individual and Organizational Growth

Speaking During Difficult Conversations 

Listening During Difficult Conversations


The challenge most individuals face when it comes to workplace conflict is that they are too close to a situation to view it objectively enough to move towards resolution.

We’ll bring an objective outsider’s perspective to discussions and disagreements to help paint the full picture and equip teams to move toward alignment.


In-house mediation for executive and team disagreements

High-stakes meeting moderation

One-on-one performance coaching for employees


Equip your employees to mitigate conflict before it hinders productivity.

We’ll address specific organization and team issues through pre-developed conflict-management training material or the creation of custom strategic frameworks.


In-house conflict management workshops

DiSC assessments for individuals and teams

Team dynamics development

People strategy


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